Price overview


What is the app capable of?
With the QueueMe app you can quickly and easily reduce the queues in your shop. You provide a pleasant waiting experience for your customers and have full control over your queue - wether you queue your customers by position or by direct customer call.
Where can I find the app?
The QueueMe app can be easily installed from an Android phone or iPhone via one of the printable QR codes or via install.queueme.de. Alternatively, you can search for the term "Queue Me" directly in the Google Play Store or in the Apple App Store.
Why do I need the app?
The QueueMe app helps you to avoid long queues and offers your customers the opportunity to move freely while waiting or even to discover other interesting products or services of your business.
How can I deactivate the app?
You can deactivate your queue at any time via the QueueMe app or in the admin area. To deactivate your user account, a short e-mail to our customer support team under support@queueme.de is sufficient.
What does it cost?
The basic version of QueueMe is completely free, with this version you can manage queues and call customers. If you would like to further customise the app to your preferences, we recommend using the premium version - with this version you can define your own texts, place your logo and use other premium functions. You can find a complete comparison of the versions in the tariff area when you are logged in.
How can I register?
You can easily sign up on our registration page: https://admin.queueme.de/register
Can my employees also use the app?
The QueueMe app is completely free and can be used by your employees. They just need to scan the QR code with the QueueMe app and enter the PIN code that has been set in the admin area.
What do I have to tell my customers?
You can easily print out your individual customer notice in the administration area and place it visible to your customers. For customers who do not want to install the app or don't have a smartphone, you can use our alternative options for customer queuing: list them offline, call them via SMS or use the pass function on their smartphone.
How can customers use the app?
Your customers only have to scan the QR code with the camera and they are ready to go!
How do my customers figure out that it's their turn?
Your customers get a notification as soon as they get called by one of your employees.